Everyone agrees that the 50th Reunion was a huge success.  But it did leave many of us wishing there had been more time for visiting and a 55th is a long time off!  Being a very imaginative committee, we have an idea.

How about a cruise to celebrate our 70th Birthday?  Lots of pampering, great food, corners for quiet visits, shore excursions . . . with friends who are all the same age!

For us to proceed, we NEED information;

Are you interested?

Do you have a destination preference? We are thinking Alaska (in Fall of 2013) or             Caribbean (Spring of 2013).

Desirable Duration – 7 day 10 day or 12 day?

Pricing – There are lots of variables AND we are talking CRUISE ONLY, but is looks like the cost will be between $1200 and $1800 PPDO (per person double occupancy).

Please let us know your preferences by emailing  The plan is to use our website to keep you informed so check out and send messages if you have questions or suggestions!

Look forward to hearing from you and getting to visit.

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