Nancy Pierce Akers

It does not seem as if it has been 50 years since we were graduating in the Class of ’61.     After graduation, I went to Columbia Basin College for two years, and then I transferred to Eastern Washington State College (now University).    I was offered a job teaching junior high math at the Willapa Valley Schools in Menlo, WA.  After graduation from college in 1965, I moved to Raymond, WA, to start my teaching career at Valley.   I met and married a fellow teacher, and we had a son and a daughter.   Once I had kids, I became a stay at home mom during the day, and taught GED classes for Grays Harbor College at night.

The opportunity arose for me to start working for DSHS as a social worker, so once the kids were in school, I went  to work at DSHS, where I stayed for the next 25 years.    I retired from that job in 2001, and was able to pursue travel, which I had wanted to do most of my life.   My husband passed away in 2002.

I have enjoyed retirement as it gives me the time to pursue interests–time was not a commodity that I had while working.  Since retirement, I have traveled to Europe twice, to New York City twice, to Alaska, plus other destinations.     I have also tried to learn a new skill every year since retiring.    I have taken classes in drawing, glass blowing, computer skills, have learned to do Japanese embroidery and crochet.

I have had a rich, fulfilling life which started in Richland.   I have often thought about how lucky we were to grow up in Richland in the era that we did.   We had great families, a good education, terrific friends and opportunities that many were not given.

Hope this is a wonderful reunion for us all with the renewals of friendships and the reliving of our memories.

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