Tom Hann


1. – What has retirement allowed you to pursue that career/child-rearing prohibited?

Since retirement my dancing has taken me to many parts of the USA including winter visits to Mesa Arizona. The music classes at Marcus Whitman and Carmichael Jr. Hi. Gave me a strong appreciation and understanding of music. Although I did not pursue a music career it is a big plus for the ballroom dancing. In addition to doing some Amateur Competition in the International Smooth Bronze Level in 1999 & 2000 I can now do some amateur ballroom teaching. Between dancing keeping my PC running and living a full life, I do not know how I ever had time for a Civil Service Career in DOD. I retired from a Sr. Electronics Equipment Specialist position at Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard with 31 years of Military & Federal Service.

2. – What advice would you give your grandchildren? No grandchildren, and that’s OK.

3. – Right now, my favorite thing to do is:

Enjoy life with my life partner, friends, other dancers and my church family. Our home below.

4. – My favorite place in the whole wide world is:

I have traveled to many places. From the Arctic Circle to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Guantanamo Cuba; and eastwards to Beirut Lebanon; Istanbul Turkey; Vatican in Rome, Pompeii & Naples Italy; Palermo Sicily; Valletta Malta, Italian Rivera, Gibraltar, Lisbon Portugal, Antwerp & Brussels Belgium, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The BEST place to be in my opinion is here in the USA right here in the Pacific Northwest.!

5. – Any interesting things left in your bucket list?

Cooking school to learn how to become a Chef. I do NOT want to WORK as a chef.

Just to know how to cook for friends family & guests. I do cook, just NOT with the knowledge and skill of a formally trained chef.

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