Rose Boswell Smith

Hi Bomber Classmates,

Where do you start after 50 years. Well out of High School I moved to Santa Barbara CA, first job with GTE of Calif as a telephone operator. I had always wanted to do that so fulfilled that dream and then worked for them for 27 years, retired and had a little part time job with a Frame shop. Decided I was to young to not work so went to work for ATT Wireless and worked for them until I was 62 and then retired again.

During all that time I had two kids Tony 47, and Anne-Marie 45. Generally always a single mom so all of you who know, it’s hard work. Anne-Marie married Paul Brock and have two of the loves of my life Kayla 19 and Jordan 17.  Tony had the third one Tristan 10.  So have watched them grow and thrive.

I’m an artist and veggie gardener, I have to learn anything that I can make, sometimes just one to see how it’s done. I have my friend Fred to travel with. He takes me at least on two vacations a year. We have gone to Scotland twice and met my distant cousins. I felt like I had gone home. I started to remember all of you with Scottish last names and really think we came back together in this life because we were friends and family together eons ago. Well that sounds like a good reason doesn’t it? I have two cats that were adopted from the teen next door that had to leave them. Didn’t want pets but they are good company. So I figured I must have some Karma with them, who, after 40 some years of working would trade that in for cleaning cat box, and barf?  Oh well it makes me humble. I feel like there should be more to say here but I have always been the kind of person where nothing dramatic happens to me, I just go along day by day.

I have grandchildren that make me proud. Kayla graduated a year early and was in that running start program, has almost all her college done and is interning at a women and children home starting next Jan. She is also going to be the proud author of 4 published books, the first to come out on E books in July. I am painting the covers for them. Jordan is in the running start program too. He will graduate next year. He wants to be a pharmacist like his dad. He has wrestled for about 4 years and is on the Everett High Football team and throws discus and a couple of other things in track. My youngest Tristan is showing signs of being a pretty good softball player/girly girl. Lots of fun.

I miss Richland. I miss the beautiful sunsets, the thousands of geese that used to fly over, the warm nights. The snipe hunting and exploring the gravel pit in W Richland. ha ha I miss being with Beth, Betty, Denny, Dan, Richard, Donna, Miriam, and Rachel.  We are all still here except Betty. And we do keep somewhat in touch.  One thing I really miss is Spudnuts. So when I come over I will sit in the parking lot early in the am to get just one of two of them. I will be happy to see all of you. I don’t miss the mosquitoes, the heat, the dust devils or the wind that used to blow the sand on our legs.

cheers  Rose Boswell Smith

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