Mike Sundine

Mike and Peggy Sundine

Look forward to seeing you all in September.  Wow!!  Fifty years.  I hope the next 50 does not go by as fast.  I was truly saddened by the list of deceased from our class.  How important it will be to grab hold and treasure the moments of our reunion.

I read many of the class BIO’s and was excited to read that most have enjoyed a most wonderful life with careers, family and travel.

I moved to Seattle in 1966 and because of great fortune found my adorable wife Peggy and we were married in 1968.  Hard to believe she has put up with me for 43 years.  I took an early retirement in 2001, finding myself recruited by a company in Las Vegas.  We moved to Las Vegas in May 2001. In 2006 I changed my habit of working to part-time and a little consulting, before permanent retirement in 2008.    When the time came that I could retire, I was reluctant to do so without finding enough hours to keep me busy, along with the pure enjoyment of working.  It took me too long to discover how much fun I would have and how opportunities present themselves without any effort at all.  Now I wish I could have retied at 20.

Peggy and I have four children and eight grandchildren.  We enjoy them more than anything else in our life.  We are so excited about where our grandchildren are taking their life.

While in Las Vegas we missed them too much to stay, so we moved back to Washington in 2008, settling in East Wenatchee, recently rated by AARP as the 4th best city in the USA in which to retire.

During my time working and living in Seattle and Las Vegas, I/we had the fortunate opportunity to travel for business and/or pleasure to 40 US states, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Muscat, UAE, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, England and Germany.  Our favorite vacation spot still is Hawaii, that we enjoyed traveling to for more than 20 consecutive years.  In June we returned from a 12 night Greek Island cruise, that also included stops in Naples, Turkey and Malta.  We have found that cruising is the only way to vacation.

Peggy and I also enjoy wine and tasting new and exciting varietals and vintages.  We look forward to the wine tour and hope they pour something that will excite our palate.

I now wish I had kept a photo of the Janis Joplin hair I grew soon after our 10 year reunion when the class awarded me with a hair tonic for the baldest award.  Unfortunately I ran out and could not find a replacement, so it did not last long.

See you all soon

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