Marion Gordon Henry

I am still working but when I retire I am planning to “putter”, write, and take some fun “how-to” classes.

We never had children but I would gladly tell other peoples grandchildren to help add to the grey hair, balding and wrinkles of their grandparents! (ha-ha)

My favorite things to do are reading, writing, and spending time with family.

My favorite place is home but outside of that I love Banff, Jasper and the Bow Valley in between them.

My bucket list only has a few things left in it. For one I want to get published, for another I want to travel abroad at least once.

Of course there are a few things I would like to put back in the bucket because they weren’t near the fun I thought they would be. That could make for an interesting discussion!

At the time I sent my brief bio I had just lost the love of my life, my husband of 47 years, Bill Henry, and 6 weeks before that I had just lost my Mom. Now I feel more like letting everyone know what I have done the last 50 years.

I lived in Seattle after a year at CBC then moved back to Richland to marry Bill Henry. I met him while on vacation to Twin Lakes with LaDean Wood and her folks. We lived in Richland for 7 years. Since Bill was a rock musician we decided to move to Rapid City where we traveled a 3 state area with a band. That was an experience that made Bill and I best friends as well as husband and wife. When you are away from all you are familiar with and all family and friends you really get close.  After a year on the road we moved back to Richland (the Mafia wanted to take over the band – that’s a long story in and of itself!) then to Kalispell, Montana where I still live. We owned and operated the Image Maker Photography Studio for 30 years. I also worked at SemiTool (a semi-conductor. mfg plant). After 10 years there, I moved on to working at New West Health Services. The Lord was looking out for us with that job as shortly after I was employed, Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. My employment with our health insurance company was a true God-send. Together Bill and I fought his cancer or 5 years before he passed away April 3 this year.

I am still employed, working 4-10 hr days (starting my day at 3:40 AM each day!  I look forward to seeing and visiting with many of my former classmates. See you in September. Marion Gordon Henry

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