Margaret Ehrig Dunn

North, South, East, West – What place do we like the best?

Well, after living in Iowa (3 years), Virginia (1 1/2 years), California (8 years), and Seattle twice we have finally settled back in Richland after almost 30 years in Renton.  Greg wanted more sun, lower taxes and needed a one story house so we made the move last October after building a home in “south” Richland.  We are in the midst of finding new doctors, trying not to get lost when going for Spudnuts and still sorting boxes of books, tools and lots of stuff that we thought we needed when we packed almost a year ago.

I spent almost 25 years as a bookkeeper/office manager, Corporate Secretary-Treasurer and finally  H/R and A/R Administrator for an auto parts warehouse in South King county before i was laid off in ’07 when our department was moved to the corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.  The original co-op was bought out in 2003 then in December ’06 the A/R department was relocated after we got a new computer system.  I say my job was outsourced to Memphis TN.  I then had a couple part-time accounting jobs in Renton so I was able to work around Greg’s medical issues.  I still have one of them which I am able to complete in a one day quick trip every 6-8 weeks.

We love our new home and hope to be able to watch part of the Columbia Cup from our front yard (at a distance).  We overlook the Yakima but can see the Columbia.  For sure we will be able to see the air show.

I miss the activities we spent with our two boys in Boy Scouts (both are Eagle Scouts) and US Marine Corps ROTC in high school (each was company commander).  I helped drive and chaperon the Kentridge USMCJ ROTC Drill Teams to San Diego and Colorado Springs for national competitions plus many regional meets in Washington and Oregon.  It’s no wonder I’ve started turning gray watching out for 50+ high school kids on 5 day field trips, 1200 miles from home and keeping their uniforms in tip top condition.

After the boys graduated from college, Greg and I managed to do some European traveling and recently some cruising.  Now Greg hopes to get back into local fishing.  He says no more airport hassles.  I am back doing handwork, cross-stitching and family genealogy.  I’m waiting for a year before I tackle any desert gardening.

I look forward to seeing all of you in September.

Margaret Ehrig Dunn

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