Linda Crawford Davis

I will not be attending the reunion this year.  A bit about myself and my life today.  I have lived in Phoenix for about 14 years.  Have been retired for several years and loving every minute of it.   My daughter and her husband live just a short drive from me and see them as much as their busy lives allow.

Since being retired I am doing what I have always wanted to do……ART.   I am a Gourd artist and do a number of shows each year, as well as teaching a class each Sat. morning.  We have a blast and it gives me such pleasure helping them create something wonderful out of a dirty old gourd.

Another one of the important things in my life is my granddaughter, Myia.  She is 13 years old and a little rocker.  She has played drums in a band for 3-4 years and loves Rock & Roll.  She helps me keep up with this fast moving world we live in, we also spend time at our favorite book store, Changing Hands.  Reading is her other love as well as mine, I have been taking her there since she was about four years old.

I am truly enjoying be retired, it is giving me time to spend doing the little-important things that get over looked when we are “making a living”.  I don’t know what 67 is suppose to feel like but I hope it is feeling this good to each and everyone of you from the class of “61”.

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