Kathy Krueger

My Life Story (condensed version)

Kathy Krueger

Schools attended: Lewis and Clark, Carmichael, and Richland High. Best friends from grade school on, Kitty Ramsey and Miki Spears. The year 1961 was very busy, Married, Graduated, had a child. The next 20 years was spent raising my 3 children and pretty much being a stay at home mom. Went to CBC in 1987 and graduated with a certificate as a drug and alcohol counselor. Divorced in 1989 after 28 years of marriage. I worked in a few agencies as a chemical dependency counselor, ultimately ending up with a wonderful job with the ESD 123 as an Intervention Specialist. I facilitated groups for children that had some kind of addiction issues in their life or their loved ones lives. I worked mainly with the Middle School aged children. I loved working with these students as I remember my “Junior High” years and really understood what a difficult and life changing time this is for children at this age. They really need a safe place to come and express themselves and learn how to make positive decisions. I was thrilled to be able to help them in this process. I retired in 2007 except for a part time job I have had for the past 17 years for Washington Physicians Health Program as a facilitator for doctors in the area that have substance abuse issues.

The thing I have enjoyed the most about being retired is having no set schedule, I get to do what I want when I want…and love it! I actively attend a Twelve Step group and do service in that program on a daily basis. I spend as much time with my adult children and grandchildren/great- granddaughter as I can. The advice I give to them most often is to “trust their gut instincts” and to always remember that we are all beautiful children of God. I also remind them that they can come and talk with me about anything, anytime….and they do! My favorite place in the whole world is my special beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. One thing that is still on my Bucket List is to go to Hawaii. This is coming to fruition soon, as I have a trip planned with friends and family for two weeks in Maui, January, 2012

My philosophy on life. Absolutely nothing matters as much as the people in my life. My family and my friends count more to me than all the Gold in the world….THEY ARE THE GOLD!


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