Judy Keplinger

Judy Keplinger

After working 25 years in Bechtel’s San Francisco headquarters, I retired and moved back to Richland. Most of my friends had serious doubts about my sanity but Dad’s health was failing and I was really tired of working. As it turned out, it was one of my best decisions. Retirement is not as leisurely as I had expected but I am never bored!

As a California transplant, I really got sucked into the “cheap” housing. I bought this huge house on a huge lot, then, built a suite onto the house for my Dad. With that, this career-oriented, single girl learned the joy of cooking three square meals a day – no wonder my married female friends had trouble believing that I like to cook!

With great enthusiasm, I joined the Master Gardener program. I learned a lot about Botany, pesticides and insects. My favorite activity was teaching fifth graders about insects. It really gave me a jolly feeling to see these little kids delight in getting knowledge about the six legged creatures we share the planet with. If you have time during the reunion, the Master Gardeners have a Demonstration Garden behind the Mid-Columbia Library in Kennewick (Union and 10th). It is awesome!

I almost flunked out of college while learning to play bridge, but now I can spend all the time I want. So, I play in four clubs and I am the youngest! With my deteriorating memory, I’ll never be a great bridge player but I am having lots of fun with a stunning bunch of ladies.

Best of all, I’ve increased my family with two of the cutest Shih Tzus (Jasmine and Ginger). They are delightful little dogs that add joy and energy to my life, but if Cesar Milan lived closer I’d hire him.

I’m really looking forward to the reunion. We have a really great committee and have had lots of fun putting this reunion together. When we discovered how few email addresses could be delivered we divided up the list and used the phone. I talked to so many people who have had fascinating lives, wonderful families and a growing appreciation in what a charmed childhood we had here in Richland. There is much to be said about living here as an old person, minimal traffic, free parking, great gardening and friendly people . . . life is good!

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