John McGruder

1 – What has retirement allowed you to pursue that career/child-rearing prohibited? Those still working, should speculate.

I am in forsed retirement,the economy did my company in, so I am looking for a job to help me hang on to my cash reserves.

2 – What advice would you give your grandchildren?

Take time to live and love life.

3 – Right now, my favorite thing to do is:

Work around the house,and be healthy enough to see my wife everyday.

4 – My favorite place in the whole wide world is:

In Idaho, Coeur d’ Alene area suits me just fine!

5 – Any interesting things left in your bucket list?

To get all nine lives fulfilled and see my six grandchildren graduate or get married or just be happy with the legacy we left them.

6 – Feel free to add a question and have fun with the answer.

John Mc Gruder

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