Jim Horton

Jim and Barbara Horton

Hello Classmates.  Where has the time gone?  Did my parents say that; sounding more like my Father as I age.

In this reunion I want to say thanks for the memories.  I look back at the great friendships and associations and count myself fortunate to have been along for the journey.  Not a throw away that comes to mind in the entire class of ‘61.  Many names could be mentioned both boys and girls, but a specific expression of gratitude to Dave Cochran, Jim Demand, Jim Roberts, Gordan Shogren, and David Harmon who were such a great influence and support.

I married a girl from Richland (a previous Bomber class), Barbara Mosteller.  We are privileged enough to have had 6 children, four daughters and two sons.  The girls have all married (that has given us four additional sons) and have families of their own.  We have 15 grandchildren from the daughters (10 grandsons and 5 granddaughters).

Our sons have not married as yet.  That would be Barbara’s fault, they have not been able to find a girl that treats them as well as their mother does (I believe in the next life, I want to come back as one her children).  As providence would have it, the families all live within a 20 mile radius of home base.  Any claim to accomplishment would come from the connection to the family.

Since graduation we have moved often and frequently.  Yorkshire, England – Provo, UT – Quantico, VA – Phoenix, AZ – Boise, ID –Twin Falls, ID – Salt Lake City, UT – Teaneck, NJ – Portland, OR – Salt Lake City, UT.  Yorkshire was life changing, Quantico was the toughest, Phoenix the hottest.  A story could be told about each, but Salt Lake is home.  We could live anywhere and be happy as long as the family was in the proximity.

My regards to all.

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