Jim Demand

1. Retirement has allowed (us) me to see many parts of the world, ( Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore ) with scuba diving in Fiji, Solomon Islands, and two different parts of Indonesia, all of which allowed us to see different ways of life. We have also had a great time with the grand kids and just the fact we can pick up and go where ever and when ever we want to without having to answer to some BOSS.

2. Advice to the grandchildren would be to get a good education, try to find a job or career that you enjoy, you will be a lot happier if you enjoy your work.

3. Favorite thing now is to putter in my shop, bass and walleye fish, and snow ski.

4. Favorite place in the world is my home in Spokane.

5. Left on my bucket list is to see some different parts of the United States.




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