Jim "Buck" Frymier

Jim Frymier Family, kids and grandkids, Christmas 2009

Thanks for the invitation to share a bit about what is happening with me and my family in anticipation of the coming 50th reunion. Like most of us in the class of 1961 I am in the process of transitioning my life and career from being gainfully employed to something else—and reflecting on that “something else” and what it should look like—and I do not mean “retirement” because my hope and prayer is to be as physically and mentally active as possible in the time remaining for the balance of my life. What I mean by that is my wife Kay and I were blessed with 7 children and now 7 grandchildren and counting—so family is a big part of our lives.

Jim Frymier & daughter Beth, Rotary International, Machu Picchu, Peru

We also now volunteer a considerable amount of our time for the benefit of others. I travel to Peru and other countries now as part of a Rotary International Team where we work with local communities to develop and plan water projects, solar powered school computers and other projects. A few weeks ago my daughter Annmarie and I traveled to Africa (my 7th trip to Africa) with a New Covenant Foundation team to  work in training hospital managers and coordinate programs in Community Health Evangelism in southern Ethiopia. I also serve on the board of the nonprofit Partners of the Americas organization that endeavors to work on a variety of intercultural activities in Chile, and I serve as vice president of the Olson International Foundation, a new nonprofit dedicated to service in developing countries. Kay and I both volunteer in our church as lay counselors working with troubled men and women who seek help and support with critical life issues, and I am presently leading 2 Men’s Life Scripture study/discussion groups.

Jim Frymier and Community Health Evangelism Team, Dilla, Ethiopia, East Africa

In short, I am having a great time during this period of my life, while managing the usual health issues related to aging–diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blindness, etc.—and realize that perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give each other at this reunion is to share what we are doing to enrich our lives and the lives of others around us—at this very special time near the end of our lives. I would dearly welcome that—to see and hear how others in our class are living life and what that means and looks like to them.


Jim (Buck) Frymier (253) 851-5575

2 Responses to Jim "Buck" Frymier

  1. ken wood says:


    Jim Yount sent me a link to your information. Jim and I don’t see each other much but you know how friendly he is so we have a plan to get together when we get back from Jordan.

    We are working for Samaritans Purse for the second time. The first time was two years in Angola building a hospital then this time for 6 months doing maintenance and building projects at a TB Sanatorium in Mafraq Jordan. We will be home in late March then I am doing the “something” thing you are looking for. I just quit my regular job in manufacturing to come here but when back it is all new territory.

    You are doing great stuff. It is good to be out and giving. We live in Seattle so you and Yount and I don’t have much excuse for not getting together next summer.

    Keep in touch if you would like to.

    Great talking.

    Ken Wood and Marianne

  2. Jim Yount says:

    Jim –
    Great to hear from you! Glad you’re putting all those years as a hospital administrator to good use. Since you live nearby in Gig Harbor, maybe we can get together this spring?

    Jim Yount