Updated May 8, 2011

Previously, we requested that everyone submit a BIO and pictures of ourselves, family and activities that we enjoy; the intent was to speed up the re-bonding process.   Even those of us who have prepared a Bio, have found this a humbling experience!  The reunion is looming, so we are offering an alternative.  Following, we have listed five questions – and would love to hear your response to any or all of the questions.  (Keep it reasonably clean – your kids may be reading this!!!!) This should be fun . . . and don’t forget the pictures!

But, please know that if you prefer to write your own BIO and send it with pictures, we welcome those compositions also!!

Send in your composed BIO to

Looking forward to hearing your words!!!  And looking forward to seeing you in September!!

Just highlight and copy the text below, and paste it in the body of an e mail.  Then, fill in the text with your responses.  Include your name at graduation, and attach any photos you’d like.  Send your responses to


1 – What has retirement allowed you to pursue that career/child-rearing prohibited?  Those still working, should speculate.

2 – What advice would you give your grandchildren?

3 – Right now, my favorite thing to do is:

4 – My favorite place in the whole wide world is:

5 – Any interesting things left in your bucket list?

6 – Feel free to add a question and have fun with the answer.

Send your responses to


Any questions?  Use the e mail address link above to reach all of us!

Judy Fatur Baston
Judy Keplinger
Jim Yount

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